The Heritage Society is located in Sam Houston Park in downtown Houston. Sam Houston Park is the location of numerous events throughout the year that are sponsored by other organizations. Check the list below for events that involve street closures around the park.

Traffic Delay Alert:

Saturday, September 8, 2018
9/11 Heroes Run

Friday, 9/7/18
8:00AM-7:00 PM 400-500 McKinney (north curblane between Smith and Bagby)
400-500 Walker (south curblane between Smith and Bagby)
7:00 PM through Saturday, 9/8/18 @ 2PM
Smith between Rusk and McKinney
7:00PM through Saturday, 9/8/18 @2pm
Walker between Louisiana and Bagby
5:00PM through Saturday, 9/8/18 @ 2pm
McKinney between Bagby and Smith
Saturday, 9/8/18
8:00am-10:00AM Route Closure
The route begins on Smith between McKinney and Walker.
proceeds south on Smith to Dallas.
Turn right on Dallas and continues onto Allen Parkway inbound
o Access for Double Tree at all times on the south curblane.
o Dallas will re-open once all runners have passed through (15 mins)
U-turn at the Montrose bridge
return on Allen Parkway outbound, continuing onto Lamar.
Bagby to Dallas to Brazos for Brookfield access
then turn left onto Smith
Finish between McKinney and Walker