If you have documents, images, or artifacts that you believe would complement our collection, please tell us about them. To assist us in our review, please fully describe your proposed donation by including information about its size, condition, and historical significance, and attach photographs or photocopies of the materials, if possible. Please do not send the original materials you wish to donate to the museum at this time. If you have not already done so, take a moment to review the THS’s Collecting Scope and information on Collection Donations.

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Please be as specific as possible: include names, dates, physical description, and any other information you can see by examining the material.
Who made it? Who did it belong to? How was it used? Where, when, and by whom was it used?
Please provide measured or estimated dimensions in HxWxD format.
Is it damaged? Is it stained? Is it missing any parts?
Do you own this material?
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