The Heritage Society currently offers twelve community outreach programs to the public. These include fifteen presentations for adults and one traveling trunk show for children. The average time for the program is 50–60 minutes. These programs are presented at your location. Mileage fees may apply. If you are interested in scheduling an Outreach presentation from The Heritage Society, please contact us at 713.655.1912, or email Mike Vance at

Programs for Adults

  • Houston History 101- learn the basics of Houston history from Texas Indians to Hurricane Harvey. This lecture is one hour and fifteen minutes. Fee $100.

  • Texas Home Front in WWII explores all aspects of Texas during WWII including industrial efforts, women’s roles, scores of training bases, POW camps and more. Fee $100.

  • Houston Baseball History covers everything baseball in Houston from before the Civil War to the arrival of the major leagues. Fee $100.

  • Houston Black Baseball History tells the history of segregated baseball in Houston including the only Negro League team ever in Texas and an earlier African-American Houston team that was even better. Fee $100. 

  • Early Houston Sports offers a look at all sports activity in Houston prior to 1950. Fee $100.

  • Port of Houston takes a look at the full history of the Port dating back to the arrival of the Allen Brothers in 1836. Fee $100.

  • Houston Murder Stories tells the tales of little-known but titillating historic true crime in Houston. Fee $100.

  • Bonnie and Clyde gives audiences the true story of the famous outlaw couple including Clyde’s ties to Houston. Fee $100.

  • Houston’s Founders is an in depth look at the important figures and policy shapers in Houston prior to the Civil War. Fee $100.

  • Heritage Society Houses explores the history of our ten historic buildings and get a sneak peek inside. Fee $100.

  • Turning Texas History Into Film is a behind-the-scenes look at the making of Texas history documentaries. Fee $100.

  • Teaching History Through Biography uses stories of important Texans to teach broader themes in history. Fee $100.

Children's Programming

Pioneer Trunk Show

Pioneer Trunk Show

Pioneer Trunk Show-Texas history comes to life with The Heritage Society's Pioneer Trunk Show. Our frontier-clad presenter brings the show to your location. Children learn about the past through three-dimensional historical objects. This unique learning experience is suited for children ages 8-12 and ties in perfectly with the Texas history curriculum. The fee for this program is $60.00 for each show and $30 for each additional show on the same day. Mileage fees may apply.