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Noon Lecture

The Incredible Importance of Rotting Paper
Judge Mark Davidson

The Heritage Society Tea Room
Free for members, $5 for non-members

Judge Mark Davidson served as Judge of the 11th District Court for twenty years before his retirement in 2009. One of his passions has been leading an effort to preserve the valuable records that chronicle the workings of our judicial system. Since 1837, Harris (then Harrisburg) County has been in the business of settling disputes over land, property rights, probate and criminal behavior. We have avoided catastrophic fires and suffered frequent flooding, but it is the simple ravages of time that are the biggest danger to these priceless archives that tell the stories of our past. Judge Davidson will educate and amuse with cases from throughout the State of Texas and in Harris County that have been found buried in the archives of our states' courts. From tales of country music stars to a lawsuit between heavyweight boxers  to a dispute over Sam Houston’s furniture, there will be plenty of stories to enjoy from the early days of Texas.