Internship Opportunities

Uncompensated internships are available year-round in the curatorial, education and development departments; school credit may be available through your university. Qualified applicants should have an interest in historic preservation, archival research, education, museum management, development or public relations. The internship is open to both undergraduate and graduate students.

Curatorial Internships
Interns may be asked to help with one or more of the following projects, and work either independently or in conjunction with the curatorial staff.

  • Artifact Preservation.  A large number of objects in Collections storage need to be examined for proper inventory and preservation. 
  • Photographing Objects.  Every object needs a clear, detailed photograph in its file for identification purposes. 
  • Inventorying Archives and Photographs.  We have a large collection of old photographs and archival materials that need to be examined and organized. 

Education Internships
The education department is committed to presenting informative gallery exhibits and innovative educational programs. Interns may be asked to help with one or more of the following projects.

  • Summer Program. Each summer The Heritage Society sponsors a free summer program for at-risk children. Interns assist in coordinating the summer program, which involves giving tours and overseeing a craft activity. 
  • Trunk Shows. The Heritage Society offers two traveling trunk shows to children who are unable to visit the museum on a regular field trip. Both trunks are completely hands-on and allow children to touch items rather than just look at them in a museum exhibit. Interns are needed to help present these shows at local schools. 
  • Exhibits.  Interns help research exhibit topics, select artifacts for display, and curate exhibits in the museum gallery. 

Development Internships
Interns in the development department work on a variety of projects, including special event coordination, grant writing and research, public relations and marketing. 

There are no paid internship openings at this time.

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